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The Main Stages Your Tooth Goes Through When Decaying

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Dr. Sebastien Murphy
The Main Stages Your Tooth Goes Through When DecayingTooth decay is a process. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, which is present in your mouth. After you eat, the bacterium in your mouth converts the sugars from the food debris present in your mouth into acids. These acids can damage the enamel of your teeth. As the enamel erodes, a cavity or hole is left. The acid may continue to bore into your tooth, causing more decay, leading to the loss of a tooth. We will go into detail about the main stages your tooth goes through while decaying in this article.

Stages of Tooth Decay

The first stage of tooth decay happens when the enamel on your teeth is exposed to plaque bacteria. The enamel begins to lose minerals. When this happens, you may see a white spot appear on your teeth. As the enamel continues to weaken, the white spot on your tooth darkens to a brown spot. The brown spot is where the cavity has formed.

The second stage of tooth decay is when the dentin or tissue under the enamel is affected. As the acids continue to bore into your tooth, the dentin decays as well. At this stage, the nerves, which are housed in the dentin, become affected. You may notice a sensitivity to hot or cold foods. It is not uncommon to feel a sharp pain when you have sugary foods as well.

The third stage of tooth decay happens when the innermost layer of your tooth is affected. The pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels. When damage to the pulp occurs, it starts to swell and puts pressure on the nerves. A toothache is born.

Finally, as tooth decay advances, bacteria invades the innermost part of the tooth. Inflammation levels soar, and a pocket of pus usually forms at the bottom of your tooth. This is called an abscess. This is an infection that may cause severe pain and requires immediate attention.

We Want to Help You Avoid Tooth Decay

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