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How Vitamins and Minerals Affect Your Teeth

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Dr. Sebastien Murphy
How Vitamins and Minerals Affect Your TeethDental cavities and gum disease affect our teeth in huge ways and might eventually lead to tooth loss. Poor dental hygiene is the cause of many health issues and so to maintain healthy teeth and gums whatever we eat plays an important role. Visit us so that you learn the foods that we need to consume especially the vitamins and minerals so that you maintain oral health.


Calcium is good for the teeth not only for the bones. The calcium helps in strengthening the enamel and can help in the building of the jawbone to offer the support of the teeth. The foods that will help achieve calcium minerals include milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, and salmon. Our dentist will help you to identify the amounts of calcium your intake so that your enamel is strong.


Phosphorous goes hand in hand with calcium in offering strong bones and teeth. The mineral is a strong component that is needed in the body and can be obtained from consuming foods like cheese, pork, lentils, soybeans, and seafood. Our dentist will guide you through the levels of phosphorous to intake to have healthy bones and teeth. The intake might be of help especially when you are building up strong jaw bone for dental implants.


The mineral prevents bone loss by neutralizing the blood. The PH of the blood needs to be neutral so that it doesn't redirect calcium to other parts of the body. When one loses a significant amount of bone this becomes serious and can lead to teeth loss. Potassium is got by eating bananas, tomatoes, Swiss chard, avocadoes, prunes, and sweet potatoes.


Vitamin A is important in the prevention of mouth dryness, faster healing as well as vitamin C which promotes soft tissue health and it helps prevent gingivitis. To maintain healthy teeth and bones intake vitamin D and determines the amount of calcium the body can hold.
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