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Removable Full or Partial Dentures: Pros and Cons

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Dr. Sebastien Murphy
Removable Full or Partial Dentures: Pros and ConsThere are several options for tooth replacement available for people who are missing several teeth or even all their teeth. It is recommended to wear full and partial dentures every day and remove them at night. They are designed to cover the gums and to fit around any existing teeth. In order to create dentures, an impression must be taken of the gums as well as the options for replacing a tooth, and careful measurements must be taken. A dental lab is responsible for making the impressions.

Full or Partial Denture Advantages

Dentures are typically easier to repair than a fixed bridge. Furthermore, dentures are typically easier to clean and maintain than fixed bridges. To ensure that the denture fits properly and to monitor the bone's health, it is essential to visit the dentist regularly for dental examinations, x-rays, and adjustments. It is more affordable to get a denture than to get a fixed bridge or dental implant. On the other hand, the cost of repair or replacement can accumulate over time.

Full or Partial Denture Disadvantages

Since dentures are removable, there is a higher chance that they may be lost, broken, or even eaten by the dog because they are removable. Dentures may need to be relined or may even have to be replaced. Although the bone health and density of everyone varies, a denture can help to slow down bone loss, but it is not as effective as an implant. Dentures can be difficult to adapt to at first and can even be uncomfortable at first. Often, you will need several follow-up appointments to ensure that the dentures fit correctly. For some, speaking and saying certain sounds may be a challenge, and chewing may also be difficult at first. The process of learning to use a denture may take a little time and patience.
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