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Dental Implant FAQ
Bartram Park - Jacksonville, FL

Diagram of dental implant in lower jaw from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FlA dental implant is purpose-built to mimic the aesthetics and function of natural teeth. In other words, it is a prosthesis preferred by dentists to replace missing teeth. In most cases, it is a titanium fixture that is screwed into the jawbone of the patient, consisting of a crown (cap), a dental bridge, and a partial or full denture. Once the implant is set in place, our dentist would then place the artificial teeth to complete the process. If you or a family member are dealing with complications arising from missing teeth, our team at Atlantic Dentistry, Bartram location, can help you come up with a recovery plan.

Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer a permanent solution for subjects that are missing a tooth or even several teeth. Not only do they allow patients to bypass the pain and other complications arising from missing a tooth, but they can also imitate the function of natural teeth in every regard. If taken care of properly, they can last you a lifetime with minimal maintenance cost. Additionally, they are not affected by accumulating tartar so they will not decay, unlike natural teeth.

What Are the Downsides of Dental Implants?

Similar to other complex oral surgeries such as tooth extraction, the risk of infection and inflammation still exists when getting dental implants. Patients with low bone density in the jawbone are also susceptible to the risk of developing a bacterial infection, if the implants are unable to settle in properly. In rare cases, when there is not enough bone available for the implant, our prosthodontist may choose to use gum grafting or other techniques. Depending on underlying medical conditions, the cost of a standard dental implant procedure could rise.

How Successful Are Dental Implants?

The success rate of dental implants has been quite high ever since the method was adopted by dentists, but lately, the chances of a dental implant surgery going bad has been nullified altogether. Advancements in dentistry and technology have also helped eliminate side effects and other complications that could take root post implant surgery. The success rate for oral surgeries such as implants these days is 90-95%. However, they do vary from individual to individual based on their health and habits.

Can I Get Implants If I Already Have Dentures?

It is fairly common for dentists to recommend dental implants to patients who are either using full or partial dentures, as it offers a reliable and long lasting solution to their oral issues. In many cases, dental implants can be used to provide extra support to the underlying over denture. It is done so that the denture does not move from its place and will not require additional adhesive to stay intact. Our dentist may also defer to implants and attach the dentures on them directly through titanium components.

Dental implants can be a good option for people who are missing teeth, as it can provide a fairly reliable solution and inexpensive solution. On the other hand, it can also curb further health complications from taking shape by putting a stop to further decaying of the affected areas. If you or a loved one are dealing with a missing tooth, please visit us at Atlantic Dentistry, Bartram location, where we can device a fitting treatment plan, or you can call us at (904) 644-3020 and book your appointment over the phone.
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