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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?
Jacksonville, FL

Diagram of a single dental implant provided by Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville FL 32225Getting dental implants might seem like a really cool idea, but while they do provide a lot of benefits for you and your oral health, there are also a few requirements needed for you to get them placed properly. If you do not have these requirements, then there are a few extra steps needed before our dentists can set you up with some new teeth.
Atlantic Dentistry offers dental implants to replace missing teeth. However, it is not a suitable option for everyone. Discover when you should opt for an alternative treatment solution.

Undoubtedly, dental implants are one of modern dentistry’s most wondrous discoveries. Replacing a missing tooth with a prosthetic that closely resembles the appearance of a natural tooth, mimicking its functional qualities, and coping with the considerable chewing and biting forces exerted upon is no mean feat. It’s little wonder that a dental implant is many people’s first treatment choice for replacing their missing teeth. There are circumstances when dental implant treatment is not considered a suitable option, but that doesn’t necessarily preclude you from the treatment forever. We will always strive to help you get the treatment of your choice, but the options vary widely on a case to case basis and according to a variety of health and lifestyle factors which may have a bearing on a successful treatment outcome.

Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implants can replace just single teeth, or multiple teeth with an implant-supported bridge or a complete jaw of teeth with the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. The implants consist of a dental implant, which takes the place of a tooth root and is implanted into the jaw. The replacement teeth are then attached to the implants in a fixed restoration, or as a removable restoration if you have implant-supported dentures, also known as overdentures. Factors that may affect the success of the dental implant procedure include:

Oral Hygiene

First, you need to have a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene. Even if you are only getting implants for one tooth, the rest of the teeth in your mouth should be perfectly clean and healthy. This is for two reasons. If the rest of your teeth are healthy then it can help with stopping the spread of any cavities or infections, and it also prevents more expensive procedures from needing to be done. It is also much less expensive to replace one tooth with a dental implant than it is to use implants to replace an entire bridge of teeth.

Bone Structure

Your jawbone is the structure that supports all of your teeth, and it is very important to the health of your mouth. Especially whenever you have to deal with dental implants. But if you have lost teeth due to advanced stages of periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, then your jawbone might suffer. As gum disease progresses, the bacteria that damage your teeth and gums can work their way down to the bones that support your teeth. The bacteria can destroy bone cells, leading to problems with your facial structure and pain while eating and swallowing. If the jawbone is destroyed, then there is nothing for us to attach the dental implants into. Therefore, if you have a poor bone structure, we will perform a bone graft procedure first to make sure that the bone grows back. After we regrow your jawbone, then we can get started with the implant procedure.

Gum Health

Even if you do not have periodontal disease, you can still have gum problems. Having healthy gums is another box you will need to check off before you can be considered a good candidate for dental implants. Still, if your entire mouth is healthy and you practice good oral hygiene, then we should not have a problem making you a candidate for dental implants. It can become more challenging to want to care about your mouth if you know that you will be replacing a tooth anyway, but you should still focus on brushing and flossing all of your teeth leading up to the dental implant procedure anyway. Maintaining good oral hygiene can really determine the health of all of your teeth regardless if you have any missing teeth.

Overall Health

Some diseases, such as diabetes, may be contraindicated because people with diabetes are prone to gum disease. Dental implants can be subject to a disease called peri-implantitis, which is a form of gum disease that affects implants, which could ultimately cause the implants to fail.


People that smoke are at an increased risk of dental implant failure. The habit of smoking inhibits blood flow, so nutrients and oxygen do not get to the cells to make repairs and ward off infection. This could be disastrous for the tissues around the dental implant, which may mean the implant won’t integrate properly, ultimately failing.

Proper Care is Required After You Receive Dental Implants

Just because you have a prosthetic does not mean you should not have a good oral hygiene routine. You should make sure that you care for your dental implant, particularly around the part that protrudes through the gums, by making sure you floss and brush regularly, as well as visiting the dentist for routine dental exams and check-ups, as advised.

Talk to Us Today!

If you feel that you would be a good candidate for a dental implant procedure, then please contact our Atlantic Dentistry dentists at 904 717-0335 and we will schedule your for an oral examination. After your exam, we can either create a plan to get your dental implants started, or share with you some extra steps we may need to take first in order to get your mouth ready for dental implants. Visit our Dental Implant FAQ page for more information on dental implants

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