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Invisalign® Clear Aligners
Jacksonville, FL

Woman using clear aligner from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLNowadays, there’s the option of Invisalign treatment if you wish to forego metal braces but still want straighter teeth. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for the best Invisalign aligners. This treatment provides a solution to overcrowded teeth and corrects bite issues.

Invisalign treatment involves the use of clear tray aligners to achieve teeth alignment. There are no brackets or wires used. It gives off the most natural appearance and enables you to eat, speak, and participate in social engagements without difficulty.

Our dental professionals perform this treatment to solve several dental issues like overbite, crossbite, overcrowding, and crooked teeth. This treatment is popular because the aligners are transparent, and so people scarcely notice them.

Types of Invisalign

There are different categories of Invisalign treatment. Our dental specialists examine your problem and guide you into the most suitable treatment. The following are the different types.

Invisalign Express

People with mild spacing issues or minor crowding are encouraged to take this treatment because it is relatively easy to perform. It also makes an ideal treatment for someone who is yet to receive any restorative dental procedure like tooth veneers.

Invisalign i7

The Invisalign i7 is usually performed on the front teeth for aesthetic reasons. Whether you have minor overcrowding or crooked front teeth, the Invisalign i7 may be performed to correct your situation with transparent aligners.

Invisalign Lite

If you have a normal bite, but there’s a small overlap of your upper teeth against your lower teeth, the Invisalign Lite is most appropriate. Up to 14 clear aligners are used. The treatment is also a low cost.

Invisalign Full

This treatment is reserved for extreme cases like underbite and overbite. Our dental specialists use unlimited transparent aligners to ensure that your teeth assume the proper position. You may take many months to complete the Invisalign Full.

Invisalign Teen

As the name suggests, this treatment is geared toward teenagers, as their teeth are still shifting and developing. Invisalign Teen includes tooth eruption tabs and half a dozen replacements for the aligners. The aligners must be switched every two weeks for the best results.

Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

Unlike metal braces, the Invisalign treatment enhances the straightening of teeth with inconspicuous aligners. The following are some of the benefits of this treatment.

Minimizes Chances of Periodontal Disease

Overcrowding and improper spacing of teeth are some of the risk factors for periodontal disease. Invisalign treatment promotes teeth alignment, thus lowering your risk of periodontal disease.

Eliminates Bite Issues

Some of the common bite issues are overbites, underbites, and open bites. An overbite describes a situation where the upper teeth extend over the lower teeth. An underbite is when the lower teeth grow abnormally long and surpass the upper teeth. An open bite is when both the upper teeth and lower teeth cannot meet. All these problems can cause pain and tooth dysfunction. But Invisalign treatment helps correct these dental problems.

Painless and Relatively Fast

Our dental specialists perform Invisalign treatment as quickly as they can. There’s no pain, and it doesn’t take long to see positive results. Invisalign treatment may be as effective as metal braces at straightening teeth, but it wins for many because it makes use of transparent aligners.

Invisalign is one of the treatments for straightening improperly spaced and overcrowded teeth. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for the best treatment for straightening your teeth. You can contact us at 904 717-0335.
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Invisalign treatment is popular if you wish to forego metal braces but still want straighter teeth. For the best Invisalign aligners call Atlantic Dentistry!
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