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Dental Bonding
Jacksonville, FL

Woman smiling after dental bonding from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL Dental bonding can be an effective remedy for chipped, broken, or stained teeth. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for quality dental procedures. Our dental specialists examine the condition of your teeth and recommend the appropriate type of dental bonding.

If the bonding is performed on your front teeth, there is minimal preparation required. For most patients, anesthesia is usually not applied, unless they have excessive dental caries or severe anxiety. A conditioning gel is applied to the tooth to increase the capacity of the bonding material to adhere to the tooth. The composite resin is fitted onto your teeth, contoured, and then polished to create a natural look.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Our dental specialists perform this procedure to remedy various dental problems. This treatment is popular for several reasons. The following are some of the advantages of dental bonding.


This procedure can be performed in-office in just one appointment. And so, if the idea of waiting for weeks or months for a dental appliance to be fabricated doesn’t sit well with you, this treatment can suit you perfectly.


Our dental specialists use composite resin, a biocompatible material, to perform this procedure. Old fillings are usually gotten rid of before dental bonding is performed.


This procedure is also popular because of its aesthetic appeal. Whether your teeth are chipped, cracked, misshaped, or you have large tooth gaps, it not only remedies the problem but also looks like natural teeth.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

One of the main factors for the success of dental bonding is the location of the restoration on the tooth. If the bonding is placed toward the edge of your tooth, it may not last very long because of the biting force. Also, the kind of foods that you consume affects how long your dental bonding lasts. If you mostly consume hard and chewy food, your dental bonding weakens much faster as compared to consuming soft foods. On average, dental bonding can last 4 to 8 years.

Is Composite Resin Better than Amalgam?

Amalgam can very well be used to perform dental bonding. It consists of various metals and it is more rigid than composite resin. But amalgam is less popular than composite resin because it can cause your teeth to crack and it is also not as aesthetically pleasing. Composite resin is the most popular material for dental bonding because it is biocompatible, and so it does not release any harmful substances in your teeth. Also, composite resin blends with the natural color of your tooth, making it inconspicuous, unlike amalgam.

Is There Any Drilling?

Our dental professionals perform dental bonding in a short time. Drilling is not necessary unless the procedure is getting applied to an infected tooth. When veneers and crowns are installed, a small portion of the enamel is removed, but when performing dental bonding, it is not necessary to file down the surface of the tooth. Instead, a conditioning gel is applied to the tooth as reinforcement. You can seek dental bonding treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth and brighten up your smile.

Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for the best dental bonding options around. Contact us at 904 717-0335 today.
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Dental bonding can be an effective remedy for chipped, broken, or stained teeth. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for quality dental procedures.
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