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Dental Exams
Jacksonville, FL

Adorable Black girl waiting to get a dental exam at Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL Routine dental exams are critical for oral health. At Atlantic Dentistry, we can assist you to maintain perfect oral health. There’s a very strong correlation between taking dental exams and the condition of your teeth and gums. Most people are curious as to what happens during a dental exam. Our dentist cleans up your teeth, and checks to see whether there are cavities and any signs of gum diseases. A dental x-ray may also be taken to look for signs of issues the eye may not see. The exam is not just important for finding dental problems, but it also helps to uncover hidden health issues. Our expert dental professionals typically discuss with you various oral health issues so that they can get an accurate picture of your condition. During this exam, we will also perform a oral cancer screening. We don’t just eliminate our patients’ dental issues, but we also empower them to take good care of their teeth and gums.

Length of a Dental Exam

It’s important that our patients understand how long a dental exam takes before they book an appointment with us, especially if they struggle with some type of dental anxiety. Typically, it takes about 45 minutes to perform dental exams. Also, the duration of a dental exam can be influenced by the condition of a patient’s teeth and gums. For instance, if they are in relatively good oral health, the dental exam takes less time as opposed to if their teeth and gums are in a worrying condition. We do our best to make sure to only schedule you for the right amount of time for your situation. However, if we come across something unexpected, we ask that you be patient so we can get the issue fixed.

Importance of Dental Exams

It’s recommended that people take dental exams at least twice a year. Dental exams are necessary for a number of reasons.

Terminating Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the modern-day scourges. It’s characterized by damaged gums, and the symptoms worsen with the passing of time. Taking regular dental exams is a proactive measure of evading periodontal disease.

Detecting Other Ailments

The earliest symptoms of various illnesses are first made manifest in the mouth. For instance, mouth ulcers and dryness are some of the early symptoms of diabetes and lupus respectively. Our dental specialists may shine a light on various non-dental health issues.

Dental Health Tips

What good is solving a dental problem today only for the patient to come back a few months later with the same issue? Our dental professionals equip patients with basic tips for perfect oral health. It’s an effort on our part to ensure people have good health.

What If I Don’t Have Natural Teeth?

Thank goodness our technological evolution allows people to remedy their tooth loss by using dental implants. Those patients are also welcome to visit our dental specialists to help them maintain good oral health.

Preparing for Dental Exams

We ask that our patients coming for the first time show up a little early, because of paperwork. Also, we all go out of our way to ensure each patient we see feels comfortable and respected. Pay us a visit at Atlantic Dentistry for a dental exam. You can call us at 904 717-0335.
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Routine dental exams are critical for oral health. At Atlantic Dentistry, we can assist you to maintain perfect oral health. Schedule your appointment today!
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