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How Implants Prevent Bone Loss in Jacksonville, FL

Diagram of a single tooth implant preventing bone loss from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLPatients who suffer from dental conditions like anodontia, hypodontia and oligodontia are either missing one, few, or all of their teeth. Hypodontia is when one or two of the permanent teeth fail to develop and grow out of the gums. Oligodontia is when more than 6 teeth fail to erupt, and anodontia is an extremely rare disorder in which all of the permanent teeth fail to erupt.

Apart from naturally missing teeth, several environmental factors can also lead to premature tooth loss. For example, when patients have poor oral health and hygiene, their teeth become susceptible to tooth decay. When the tooth decay spreads to the pulp and roots of the teeth, either the teeth fall out on their own, or the dentist will have to pull them out in order to save the adjacent teeth from damage.

Sometimes, severe facial traumas like sports injuries and car accidents can also lead to tooth loss. In such cases, the missing teeth or lost teeth will have to be replaced with the help of dental implants.

Candidates for Dental Implants

Ideal candidates for dental implants are those who are not in favor of wearing dental crowns, dental bridges or dentures to replace their missing teeth. They want a permanent treatment for their tooth loss.

Dental implant surgery should only be performed on adults whose jawbones are healthy, strong, well-formed and have sufficient bone volume to support and infuse the implants.

Candidates for dental implants should be in overall good health, non-smokers and should be willing to practice good oral health and hygiene.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots for your new teeth, which will be fixed to replace your missing or broken teeth. A small metallic screw that is made out of stainless steel is drilled inside your jawbone. This screw acts as the root for your replacement teeth. On top of the screw, a metal extension known as an abutment is fixed.

The abutment protrudes out of the jawbone and gum tissues so that when the implant has completely fused with the jawbone (osseointegrated) after approximately 3 months, the new tooth can be fixed on top of the abutment and work like a natural tooth.

How Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Our jawbone is constantly growing and changing in shape and size. The teeth help us retain our facial structure by stimulating the jawbone and promoting its growth and development. When our teeth move or grind against one another while biting, chewing and talking, the jawbone gets stimulated and grows in size and volume. The jawbones are responsible for our balanced facial structure.

But when we lose teeth, the stimulation subsides, and our jawbones stop growing. This can be explained by the fact that when the elderly lose all of their teeth in old age, their face appears sunken and gaunt. To prevent bone loss and retain the shape of our face, our missing or lost teeth must be replaced with new ones.

Dental implants are a permanent and effective solution for preventing bone loss because the dental implants and the replacement teeth function just like a natural set of teeth, providing sufficient stimulation for the jawbones to grow and expand in volume. Dental implants ensure that our jawbones remain strong and healthy.

Benefits of Dental Implants

•  Permanent treatment for lost or missing teeth
•  Do not slip out like dentures, dental bridges and crowns
•  Prevent bone loss
•  Retain facial structure
•  Do not require any extra care
•  Saves you from frequent visits to dental clinics and hospitals
•  Look and feel just like real teeth
•  Improves smile, speech and bite

Dental Implant Care

•  Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal
•  Brush twice a day
•  Floss once a day
•  Use less abrasive toothpaste
•  Use toothbrushes with soft bristles
•  Use mouthwash to keep your gums healthy
•  Eat healthy foods
•  Quit smoking
•  Visit your dentist for biannual dental checkups

If you are suffering from tooth loss or missing teeth, then visit us at Atlantic Dentistry. Our expert team includes Dr. Sebastien Murphy and Dr. Murphy. They will recommend and provide the best treatment for replacing your lost or missing teeth. Call us today at 904 717-0335 to book your appointment.
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If you're suffering from tooth loss or missing teeth, visit us at Atlantic Dentistry. Our expert team will provide the best recommendations and treatment.
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