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If you grind teeth at night you probably experience tooth pain and sore gums. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for mouthguards that protect your teeth during sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, up to 8% of American adults struggle with grinding their teeth during sleep, and more than 30% of parents have kids who struggle with these issues as well. Some of the triggers of this condition include mouth irritation, allergies, and misaligned teeth. Our dental professionals can help you overcome your teeth grinding. The problem is typically solved by using a custom-made mouthguard that ensures your teeth don’t grind together when you’re asleep.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, mostly affects the muscles and nerves located around the teeth. With increased pressure on the teeth, the nerves and muscles become strained, leading to pain. The victim might develop a stiff jaw, thus limiting its range of motion, and they may also experience sore gums, making it hard to chew. In some instances, there might be bony growths on the jawbone. For the most part, teeth grinding is genetically transferred, but there are various aggravating factors like stress, stimulants, and sleep apnea. If the victim doesn’t get the problem corrected, it can lead to dental problems like tooth chipping.

How Teeth Grinding Affects Your Life

The symptoms of teeth grinding are made manifest in various parts of the body. Ideally, you should come to our dental specialists as soon as you notice the first symptom because it makes for easy treatment.

Jaw Pain

The constant buzzing and clattering of the teeth throughout the night exert tension on the jaw. And this makes it hard to perform simple tasks like chewing or even moving your jaw.

Broken Teeth

This usually happens when the condition is prolonged. The best way to ensure it doesn’t get to this point is by using our custom-made mouthguard.

Facial Pain

The condition can make it hard to lean your head on anything. Facial pain gets in the way of your comfort.


Nighttime teeth grinding affects the brain. It can result in mild or severe headaches during your waking hours. If your teeth gradually get more sensitive, and there’s jaw pain and ear pain, you might want to come to our dental specialists. Treating the condition in the early stages prevents tooth loss and other costly dental problems. A custom-made mouthguard is enough to reduce the sensation of clenching and teeth grinding. It eliminates pain by preventing the further wearing of the enamel.

Can Bruxism Be Cured?

Kids with this condition usually outgrow it. However, if you’re genetically predisposed, the symptoms still show up in adulthood most of the time. It is a condition that cannot be ignored. Our dental professionals can help you eliminate the condition. If the condition has been precipitated by using psychoactive substances like cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine, you might have to cut down or stop altogether. Also, nutrition plays an important role. Our dental professionals will guide you on the right diet. Teeth grinding is one of those conditions that make it difficult to keep your oral health optimized.

If you have the symptoms, visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for a quick and effective solution. You can contact us at our office 904 717-0335 to set up your appointment.
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