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Teeth Whitening in Jacksonville, FL

Middle Age Woman laughing after receiving teeth whitening from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLSeveral procedures can be performed to make your teeth snow-white. Schedule an appointment with us at Atlantic Dentistry to benefit from our excellent teeth whitening formulas. Making your smile bright is the number one tip for building charisma. If you have an addiction to wine and coffee, or your dental hygiene is average at best, there’s a big likelihood that your teeth are discolored. Maybe you even wonder whether your teeth can get white again. Our dental professionals use different methods to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening procedures depend on factors like the extent of discoloration, and your preexisting dental problems. The best teeth-whitening procedures make your teeth bright without causing damage to any part of the enamel. Depending on the extent of discoloration, the results may vary.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Some people have the misconception that teeth discoloration is a result of poor dental hygiene. Certain foods can still discolor your teeth even though you are obsessive about brushing your teeth. Smoking cigarettes can also discolor teeth. These are some of the techniques that our dental professionals use to whiten your teeth.

Professional Cleaning

If your teeth are in relatively good health, the stains can be practically washed away. Our dental specialists use advanced equipment to achieve outstanding results.

Whitening Gel

Some stains can also be eliminated by using a whitening gel. This is a special gel for only this purpose. The procedure might have to be performed repeatedly to achieve the desired results.


Some stains are so dominant, that no amount of cleaning or gels would scrub them off. These stains ask to be bleached away. Our dental professionals only use approved bleach agents.


In some situations, veneers might be bonded onto your teeth. Veneers are thin and bright covers that can be contoured onto teeth to give off a natural and bright look.

How Long Do the Results Last?

On average, the effects of a teeth whitening procedure can last for up to three years. But then it also depends on how you care for your teeth. Ingesting certain things or even smoking can accelerate the discoloration of your teeth.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Teeth whitening procedures only work on natural teeth. If you have crowns, dentures, or bridges, you’d rather get a new set than attempt to whiten them. Our dental specialists perform teeth whitening procedures with guaranteed success, and to avoid any complications, you had better have the procedure performed only by a specialist. But still, some people might experience the following issues:

Teeth Sensitivity

Some people experience teeth sensitivity after a tooth whitening procedure. This is usually the case if they have preexisting dental problems or have previously undergone multiple dental operations. Products that contain potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride may help.

Irritated Gums

Some people also develop irritated gums after a tooth whitening procedure. This usually happens when their gum comes into contact with the whitening product. Professional teeth whitening can make your smile bright and memorable. Most people whiten their teeth without incident.

Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for excellent teeth whitening procedures. You can call us by dialing 904 717-0335.
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Our professional teeth-whitening procedures make your teeth bright without causing damage to the enamel. Schedule an appointment with us in Jacksonville, FL!
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